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Do you benefit from Cloudwork's AVIF support?
Cloudflare has added support for AVIF, a new image format. Learn how to optimize images and convert them to WebP or AVIF on demand.
Fully support AVIF in your CSS today.
Learn how to boost your website by using the new AVIF image format in the `background-images` of your CSS.
View AVIF Images In Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer 6, the latest brow.. oh, it's called Edge? Well, okay. The current state about AVIF in Edge is difficult. Learn more about it here.
The Complete Guide about AVIF in Firefox for 2021
Learn about the current state of AVIF in Firefox and how to enable support with a simple tutorial.
Use AVIF in Frameworks like Vue, React and Angular
Serving AVIF images via JavaScript frameworks is quite easy - find out more here.
Discover the basics of AVIF in GIMP
GIMP 2.10.22 now includes HEIC support and AVIF support. Learn how to take advantage of these new features.
How to get started with AVIF using HTML
Enjoy this in-depth guide on how to use AVIF in HTML. Featuring examples with modern delivery standards.
Start using AVIF in your Next.JS project
Curious to read on how to use AVIF images in Next.JS? Well, this site does exactly that! Learn more.
Does Windows support AVIF already?
Learn how to make AVIF images load on native Windows 10 applications such as Paint and File Explorer.
How To Use AVIF Images In WordPress
WordPress doesn't allow uploading AVIF files. Learn how to still use AVIF images on your website today.
Don't miss out on AVIF when using Netlify
Learn how to proper configure Netlify so that you can use AVIF image files on your website today.
Magento 2 AVIF Support? Native and with extensions!
Find out about the current state of AVIF support in Magento 2.
Is Safari adding AVIF support in 2021?
Everyone is ready to use AVIF, is Apple ready as well? Find out more about the current state in Webkit and Safari.


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