Does AVIF support animation?

AVIF is an image format that is based on a video codec and is excellent for encoding motion pictures. To provide animation, AVIF uses sequencing, which allows it to achieve the fidelity and resolution of videos in animated images while maintaining the ease of delivery. To avoid large data sizes, AVIF uses interframe compression, a technique that encodes the differences between frames.

AVIF supports a range of animation types, including 2D, 3D, and frame-by-frame, and can achieve high frame rates and quality levels. When compared to other image formats that support animation, such as GIF, APNG, and WebP, AVIF generally offers better performance and smaller file sizes.

One real-world example of AVIF's animation capabilities is in its use on websites as an alternative to GIFs. AVIF can provide similar animation effects while also offering the benefits of smaller file sizes and improved performance.

To achieve its animation capabilities, AVIF uses interframe compression, which compares each frame to the previous one and only encodes the differences between the two. This allows AVIF to maintain high fidelity and resolution while also reducing data sizes.

It's important to note that AVIF is a relatively new image format and is not yet supported by all browsers and devices. However, support is growing and it is expected to become a widely-used format in the future.

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