Is AVIF lossless?

The AVIF format supports both lossless and lossy modes of operation, making it a versatile choice for a range of applications. While AVIF's lossless mode may not be the most efficient in terms of byte size compared to other lossless formats like WebP and PNG, it offers good image quality and is compatible with a wide variety of software and devices.

In addition to its lossless capabilities, AVIF's lossy mode offers impressive byte size savings compared to lossless compression, making it a good choice for applications where file size is a concern. AVIF has been used in a number of real-world scenarios and has demonstrated its ability to deliver high-quality images with smaller file sizes, making it an attractive choice for optimizing the performance of websites and other applications.

However, AVIF's encoding and decoding speed can be slower than some other formats, and it may require more CPU power to display images than some other codecs. These issues may be less significant for larger images, and the AVIF team is working to improve the speed of encoding and decoding.

Overall, AVIF is a promising image format with a wide range of capabilities and strong adoption potential. If you're considering using AVIF in your project, be sure to consider its trade-offs and any potential limitations in your specific use case. For more information on using AVIF, check out the AVIF documentation and tutorials.

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