What is AVIF used for?

AVIF can be used in a variety of ways. The format replaces PNG, JPEG, and WebP in all images, including photos and graphics. Businesses should use AVIF because it is smaller than JPEGs and can compress several megabytes into a few bytes without affecting quality. Furthermore, this reduces data usage and speeds up your website's loading, allowing for faster information access and higher conversions.

In addition to its use in improving the speed and efficiency of websites, AVIF can also be used in applications such as video streaming, video editing, and image editing software. It can be used to store high-quality images and graphics, and its support for high dynamic range (HDR) allows for the display of images with a wide range of colors and tones. AVIF is also useful for storing and transmitting images and videos on devices with limited storage or bandwidth, as it allows for the efficient compression of large files without significantly affecting their quality.

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