Does AVIF support Wide Color Gamut?

AVIF supports not only SDR (Standard Dynamic Range), but also HDR (High Dynamic Range) and WCG (Wide Color Gamut). It is possible to exchange HDR information and color gamut data with metadata.

More information:

  • AVIF's support for HDR and WCG allows for the display of images with a wide range of colors and brightness levels, resulting in more realistic and visually appealing images.
  • The use of metadata to exchange HDR and color gamut information makes it possible for AVIF to support a wide range of devices and display technologies, ensuring that images are displayed accurately across different platforms.
  • In addition to its support for HDR and WCG, AVIF also includes support for image-based lighting (IBL), which allows for the creation of realistic and dynamic lighting effects in 3D graphics and AR/VR applications.
  • AVIF's support for tiling can also improve the performance of HDR and WCG images, as it allows for faster decoding and rendering on devices with multicore CPUs.
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