Why do we need a new image format? Why do we need AVIF? JPEG is the standard format for delivering web images. Unfortunately, it supports 8-bit images and does not support alpha channels. Even though WebP offers better compression, it lacks the flexibility of a modern image format. HEIF achieved better compression too, but patent issues prevented it from being introduced to other types of software. There is a need to replace JPEG with a widely supported alternative that is more efficient at compression and has a broader feature set for seamless integration into all types of software and services. AVIF can offer such a solution.

Additionally, the increasing demand for high resolution and high quality images, as well as the need for efficient image delivery on the web, has made the limitations of older image formats more pronounced. AVIF was specifically designed to address these issues and provide a more efficient and flexible image format for the modern web. It supports higher bit depths, alpha channels, and a wider color gamut, and offers better compression than older formats, making it a strong candidate for replacing JPEG and other legacy formats. AVIF's open-source and royalty-free nature also make it more accessible and widely adoptable by software developers and service providers.

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