Changelog for July 2021

We are open source

Each project comes with a set of responsibilities. As a two-person team involved in our day-to-day jobs and family, we could not dedicate the time necessary to keep the development as steady as we would have liked. Due to the fast-paced nature of the project, we thought it would be best to provide people with the ability to create their own versions and work on their own features. Multiple requests have been made for the source code to be released. Many people have asked how they can assist us with the development.

We are pleased to announce that we are now an open-source project. Besides making the development process easier, the general public is also able to gain insight into how and what data we process. Due to the fact that file converters typically save your images in the cloud, being open-source provides people with the confidence that their images are secure. As a means of achieving a better cooperative relationship, we have

  • upgraded all dependencies to their latest version
  • gone through a war with ESlint to fix issues
  • switch our CSS to using Tailwind for easier comprehension
  • revamped lots of UI parts for better visuals
  • transformed our Trello cards to Github issues
  • made sure to publish every part of the website, even the converter with its whole logic",

We realize these changes may not seem like a big deal, but they're just a huge step towards making our website accessible to everyone. We are super excited for all the upcoming steps.

Join our Discordfor staying up to date on latest changes and being part of the development. Interested in the source code? Check outGithub.

We are focusing on more content

While the development is a little steadier than expected, we will focus on proving you more content. Just recently, we have created a 5000-word in-depth guide about image optimization to fully guide you to choose your own preferences when it comes to maximizing the potential of image performance for the web. Check it out:

Image Web Performance Guide

Despite that, we are starting on creating comparison guides, in which we focus on comparing AVIF to another image format. This will make it easier for you to decide whether you'd like to upgrade to AVIF or stick to the certain format.

Explore our current comparison articles here

Stay safe ~ Justin and Niksa

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