Android AVIF Support: Tutorial


AVIF: Revolutionizing Image Optimization

The dawn of the AV1 Image File Format (AVIF) has brought about a new era in image optimization. Based on the AV1 video codec and standardized by the Alliance for Open Media, AVIF has outperformed its fellow image formats JPEG and WebP. With up to 50% file size savings compared to JPEG and 20% compared to WebP, AVIF is a godsend to tech enthusiasts craving superior compression gains without sacrificing image quality.

A Glimpse into Android's World

Enter Android, the open-source, touch-friendly operating system maintained by search engine giant Google since 2008. This versatile platform powers smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs manufactured by various bigwigs in the tech world like Samsung, OnePlus, and HTC. Android has carved a niche for itself as the most popular OS globally, with over three billion users hooked every month. As of now, Android 11 is the shiniest version of this adaptable OS.

Android 11: Blessing the Internet with AVIF Support

Even though Android 11 doesn't support viewing or saving AVIF files locally just yet, there's a silver lining: Chrome for Mobile and the Android Browser are AVIF-ready. They enable users to view AVIF images online, but won't let them download the high-quality content to their mobile devices.

Android 12: Supercharging Smartphone Cameras

Pause and prepare for the spectacular Android 12, which is set to revolutionize smartphone cameras with media transcoding support and AVIF compatibility. Android 12 will provide developers with a one-stop solution to integrate stunning, high-quality images while consuming less space on the device. With the genuine platform support as a gateway to AVIF technology, Android 12 will bolster mobile photography experiences.

Envisioning AVIF as the Default Format

As we eagerly anticipate the release of Android 12 and its new features later this year, one might wonder whether AVIF will soon become Google's default format for its OS. With the considerable edge AVIF offers in compression and image quality, it's only logical to predict a future where this next-generation format reigns supreme.

In summary, the adoption of AVIF on Android devices will be a game-changer for tech enthusiasts, developers, and casual smartphone users alike. While it's still not the default format, AVIF's unrivaled advantages over JPEG and WebP are impossible to ignore. The arrival of Android 12 will pave the way to better image quality, smaller file sizes, and an unstoppable wave of innovation in the world of image optimization.

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