Android Browser AVIF support

What is Android Browser?

Android Browser was the mostly obsolete default browser on the mobile OS Android and is used as a system component for Android that allows apps to display web content directly inside an application. The default web browser installed on most Android devices used to be built on the Apple WebKit browser engine. With the release of Android 4.4 KitKat, Google changed the default browser to Google Chrome for Mobile. Still, it transitioned over to using the Chromium-based Blink platform after the release of Android 4. The Android browser still exists as an application layer. It is used on Android phones for applications that want to display web content through ‘WebView.’ As this mobile browser is regularly used in applications, Google periodically updates the browser for security patches despite its limited use. The Chromium framework is used to push updates with notable version releases. The latest version of Android Browser WebView is built upon the Chromium 94 source code.

AVIF Support

Yes! As Android Browser - in its current form - is based on Chromium, it does indeed include full support for AVIF. Developers using the Android Browser WebView to display web content can take advantage of AVIF’s gains in efficiency and quality to deliver a better experience to their users. If users download AVIF images from the Android Browser, they can finally view them on their devices running Android 12. The latest version of Android was released on October 4, 2021. Still, currently a few devices - mainly Pixel phones - have been updated so far. Users of other smartphones may have to wait for AVIF support.

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