Baidu AVIF support

What is AVIF

AV1 Image File Format is an image file format specification that uses HEIF containers to store images or sequences compressed with AV1. Compared to HEIC, it uses HEVC compression and the same container format based on ISOBMFF. A version of AVIF was released in February 2019. The Netflix 2020 tests showed that AVIF was more efficient in compressing raw images, text, and graphics, had better detail preservation, fewer blocking artifacts, and minor color bleeding around hard edges. Major players in the digital economy support AVIF's continued expansion. They are both open-source formats. This technology does not incur any additional costs—open-source benefits to the big players and the entire community.

AVIF is free of charge, one of the most important advantages it has over HEIF, which is Apple's preferred format. AVIF offers a high level of image quality and a wide range of functionality, matching the requirements of a modern image format. A recent study found that AVIF reduced the image size by 50 percent compared to JPEG. Its competitor, WebP, has been unable to establish itself, so AVIF is more efficient. Video-on-demand, cloud, and webspace providers benefit from AVIF compression to reduce video-load times, conserve network bandwidth, and reduce data streams. It has many other uses as well. Photographers, printers, etc., can all benefit from it. It can also benefit from the format's development by receiving higher-resolution pictures, thus reducing resource usage.

What is Baidu

In addition to its WebKit and Trident web browsers, Baidu Browser was also available for mobile phones. Baidu Browser's Windows version includes a proxy request feature that enables access to some usually blocked websites in China. In addition, the site leaks search terms, hard drive serial number, network MAC address, and the title of all visited webpages. This information is also transmitted to third parties. The program included adblocking, torrenting, and video downloading functionality. It was deprecated in April of 2019.

AVIF support

Since Baidu's latest update is older than the image format, Baidu does not support AVIF.

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