Bunny AVIF support

Introducing the AVIF Image Format

Hailing from a collaboration between tech giants like Google, Mozilla, and Cisco, the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) Foundation has developed an innovative image format called AVIF. This groundbreaking format is based on the AV1 video codec and strives to outpace its competitors, JPEG and WebP, in performance and quality. With cutting-edge features like High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 12-bit color, AVIF aims to become the successor to these dated formats, dramatically enhancing the way we process and display images online.

Bunny: The Flexible Content Delivery Platform

Bunny is a content delivery platform that genuinely hops! With powerful offerings like a next-generation Content Delivery Network (CDN), edge storage, and optimization services, the company has carved out its niche and established a strong foothold in the tech industry. Among their most popular products is the Bunny Optimizer, a clever tool that automatically resizes and compresses images using WebP, tailored to a user's device type for maximized performance.

The Current State of Bunny's AVIF Support

Despite AVIF's remarkable potential, Bunny has yet to implement AVIF support. A blog post from October 2020 sheds light on the reasons behind this decision. Key concerns include the impracticality of maintaining three versions of each file (JPEG, WebP, and AVIF) due to limited device and browser compatibility, and the cumbersome nature of encoding AVIF images compared to JPEG and WebP. While JPEG and WebP can be processed within milliseconds, AVIF encoding may take up to 60 seconds for certain images—clearly an inefficient solution for on-the-fly image optimization.

Nonetheless, Bunny remains open to embracing AVIF in the future, as increased browser support could eventually tip the scales in its favor. As technology advances, the prospect of Bunny hopping on the AVIF bandwagon might be closer than we think.

The Future Possibilities of AVIF and Bunny

Incorporating AVIF support within the Bunny platform could offer numerous benefits such as reduced file sizes, improved image quality, and enhanced user experience. As AVIF gains more widespread browser support and advancements in encoding and decoding performance continue to develop, it could become a valuable resource for content delivery networks like Bunny.

By keeping an eye on current trends and evolving alongside the ever-changing technology landscape, Bunny is well-positioned to adapt and implement AVIF when the time is right, paving the way for a future where images are sharper, faster, and more efficient than ever before.

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