Chrome AVIF support


The Speed and Customization of Google Chrome

Imagine cruising along the information superhighway in a sleek, efficient vehicle engineered for speed and convenience. This is the experience Google Chrome strives to deliver. As a fast and customizable web browser developed and maintained by Google, Chrome helps users effortlessly access the web on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Since its launch in 2008, this browser has continuously evolved to meet users' ever-changing needs, all while consistently delivering a top-notch performance.

Chrome has become the world's most popular web browser, commanding a 63.5% market share as of September 2021. This undoubted leader of the pack owes its success to various factors, such as the vast array of extensions available through the Chrome Web Store, impressive security and privacy features, syncing capabilities, and its innovative Omnibox, which combines the address bar and search bar for seamless navigation. However, no hero is without their Achilles' heel - Chrome has faced some criticism for its high memory usage and the somewhat controversial practice of collecting user data.

A World Where AVIF Images Reign Supreme

In the realm of image formats, change is afoot with the emergence of AVIF (AV1 Image File Format). Like a rising star in a sea of JPEGs, AVIF images deliver stunningly better visual quality and compression efficiency - painting the future of our online world in richer hues and seamlessly brilliant quality. Of course, such a promising format needs champions, and Google Chrome enthusiastically steps up to the plate.

Embracing AVIF in Google Chrome

As a pioneering leader, Google was among the first to support AVIF images, joining the likes of Netflix and VLC. The tech giant was heavily involved in the standard's development, so it was natural that they would be quick to embrace this revolutionary format. Since Chrome 85 (released in August 2020), Chrome has enabled users to appreciate AVIF images in all their high-quality, low-bandwidth glory.

This support was not limited to desktop users - Chrome's mobile applications, Chrome for iOS and Android, also offer full AVIF compatibility, ensuring that users on smartphones and tablets can experience the format's new standard of excellence.

By consistently providing innovative solutions like support for AVIF and maintaining a fine balance between performance and customizability, Google Chrome continues to dominate the browser landscape, proving itself as a browser engineered for the ever-evolving needs of the digital world. So buckle up and enjoy the ride, for in this Chrome-coated internet vehicle, the experience is bound to be breathtaking.

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