Cloudimage AVIF support

What is AVIF

AVIF is a next-gen image file format. Its expansion is driven by the support of big players in the digital economy. The AV1 and AVIF formats are open-source. This is beneficial to the entire open source community. Being a modern image format, AVIF combines high image quality (especially for HDR images with deeper color depths than 8 bits) with many functions. According to current statistics, AVIF currently reduces image size by 50 percent when compared to JPEG. Additionally, AVIF is more efficient than its competitor, WebP. Video-on-demand and cloud providers reduce their data streams through high-quality AVIF compression. This reduces website loading times, conserves network bandwidth, and reduces webspace and cloud providers' data traffic. In addition to being available online, AVIF has many other advantages. It is hoped that the format's development will assist other industries, such as image archives, photographers, printers, etc., to receive higher resolution images that reduce resource usage.

What is Cloudimage

Dedicated to simplifying the management, optimization, and acceleration of digital content consumption anywhere in the world, Scaleflex is a global leader in B2B SaaS solutions for Digital Asset Management and Media Acceleration. One of these solutions is Cloudimage. With Cloudimage, your images can be resized, compressed, optimized, and delivered through rocket-speed content delivery networks. WordPress websites can also be easily installed using their plugin.

Cloudimage supports AVIF

By automating the delivery process, Cloudimage makes your images look high-quality and load rapidly regardless of bandwidth by delivering them in the best possible format (WebP, AVIF, optimized JPEG), resolution, and quality.

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