Dolphin AVIF support

What is AVIF

Images or image sequences compressed with AV1 can be stored in the HEIF container format with the AV1 Image File Format. There is also the HEIC container format, which is built on ISOBMFF but uses HEVC for compression. The AVIF specification was updated to version 1.0.0 in February 2019. Netflix's 2020 tests demonstrated that AVIF had better compression efficiency than JPEG, good detail preservation, fewer artifacts around hard edges, and minor color bleeding. AVIF is supported by key players in the digital economy, ensuring its continued expansion. It is also an open-source format. AOMedia technology costs nothing extra. This is beneficial to the open-source community, not just the most prominent players. A significant advantage of AVIF is its lack of charge over the HEIF format, which is still Apple's preferred format. Combining high image quality and many functions, the AVIF format meets the needs of an image format of the modern era.

Compared to JPEG, AVIF currently reduces image sizes by an average of 50%. AVIF is also more efficient than its main rival, WebP, which hasn't been able to establish itself. AVIF compression significantly speeds up website loading times, conserves network bandwidth, and decreases data streams for video-on-demand, cloud, and webspace providers. AVIF's advantages go far beyond its use in the online world. Specifically photographers, printers, and image archives. Additionally, the format's development has allowed for higher resolution images that take up fewer resources.

What is Dolphin

Dolphin Browser is a web browser for Android and iOS created by MoboTap. As one of the first Android alternative browsers to support multi-touch gestures, it was one of the first. Delphin Browser uses the default browser engine for its native platform. Android and iOS versions are available for free. Android 2.0 or later has an enhanced version called Dolphin Browser. Dolphin Browser Beta was launched in May 2012 and featured the Jetpack HTML5 engine. Dolphin Zero, a privacy-oriented version, was released in December 2013.

AVIF support

The Dolphin Browser does not support AVIF. It is unknown whether support will be added in future releases.

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