Etsy AVIF support

What is Etsy?

You can sell your fine arts and crafts on Etsy, an online marketplace for independent artists and crafters. The majority of Etsy's merchandise includes handmade toys, collectibles, art, home goods, vintage furniture, jewelry, clothing, and holiday items, as well as crafts and craft supplies.

Unlike Amazon and Walmart, everything on the site is made, collected, curated, and sold by its sellers. In addition to producing their goods, these independent business owners also keep track of their orders and inventory. Etsy serves as a middleman, providing smaller, independent creators with a platform to share their work and gain exposure.

Etsy AVIF support

It seems like at the time of this writing (October 2021), Etsy currently runs A/B tests regarding WebP and AVIF support.

However, you can not upload AVIF images in your stock listings as product photos. No public plans exists to whether Etsy allows AVIF uploads in the future.

etsy error message when uploading AVIF files
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