Facebook AVIF support

What is AVIF

An AVIF file is a format developed by the Alliance for Open Media that is intended to reduce the size of our images while maintaining the same image quality. It is believed by experts to be the next step in media compression. The goal of AOMedia is to develop open, royalty-free technology to deliver multimedia content, meaning that no one will be required to pay for the use of the new AVIF format. We find big companies such as Netflix, Google, Facebook, Apple, or Microsoft behind AOMedia. At present, JPG and PNG are the most commonly used image formats on the web. Several years ago, WebP appeared on the scene, developed by Google, which delivers images 30% smaller than JPG while maintaining similar image quality. Now, AVIF offers images that are 50% smaller than JPG and still offer the same level of image quality.

What is Facebook

Users who register for a free account on Facebook can connect with friends, work colleagues, or people they do not know online. Users have the option of sharing pictures, music, videos, articles, and their thoughts and opinions with as many people as they choose. The two profiles are connected once they are accepted, and both users can view everything that the other person posts. Users of Facebook may upload anything to their "timeline", a snapshot of what is happening at any given moment. They may also enter a private chat with other Facebook friends. On their profiles, people provide information about themselves. Users post various information about themselves, whether their employment status, where they study, their ages, or other personal details. This information is easily accessible to their friends and the public. Additionally, users can "like" other pages that interest them.

AVIF support

For users of Chrome and Firefox, Facebook will support the upload of AVIF images. The platform is capable of converting AVIF images to JPEG. Facebook's Spectrum image transcoding library has been experimenting with AVIF since 2019. The Spectrum Image Transcoding Library is a cross-platform that can be quickly and easily integrated into an Android or iOS project to conduct typical image operations efficiently. As of version 1.1.0, Spectrum supports the experimental decoding of AV1 frames in IVF containers.

This support is no surprise since Facebook is a founding member of AOMedia and directly participating in the AV1 video codec.

facebook has full AVIF support
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