Fastly AVIF support

What is AVIF

The AVIF image format has several features and high compression rates. The continued expansion of the AVIF format is attributed to its support from big players in the digital economy. In addition to its high image quality, the AVIF format has many capabilities vital to modern image formats. The AVIF format currently reduces image sizes by about 50% compared to JPEG. As a result of its high efficiency, AVIF compression minimizes the loading time of websites. The AVIF standard has all the prerequisites necessary to establish itself online and replace JPEG as the new image standard of choice. Once technical obstacles (e.g., slow coding processes) have been overcome, the multifunctional image format will provide high-quality images.

What is Fastly

Compared to antiquated image delivery workflows, Fastly Image Optimizer provides a vastly more efficient alternative. The Image Optimizer operates at the edge of their network to reduce the latency associated with transforming and delivering images closer to your end-users. Store one version of each image. Their solution will be able to convert, serve, and cache an optimized version on-demand, eliminating the need for your infrastructure. Fastly Image Optimizer simplifies image delivery workflows, reduces infrastructure costs, and enhances the end-user experience. Fastly Image Optimizer optimizes your images on demand. It is capable of converting, resizing, cropping/trimming, sharpening, blurring, changing orientation and background colors, adjusting quality, and much more. Fastly customers pay a subscription fee based on the number of files served by Fastly that the Image Optimizer has processed at any given time.

Fastly AVIF support

Unfortunately to this date, Fastly does not support AVIF. It support WebP. It is uncertain whether this will change in future.

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