Facebook Messenger AVIF support

What is Facebook Messenger

Messenger is a feature of Facebook that allows users to send messages instantly. In 2014, Messenger was expanded into a dedicated application and website due to its success in 2011. The application and website are instant messaging services that connect to the Facebook database and replace the in-app Facebook messaging service. Users of the application can connect, send instant messages, emojis, photos, videos, and perform other light tasks.

You will need a Facebook account to access Facebook Messenger. The Facebook application for mobile devices and Facebook.com allow you to sign up for the service. Whether you already have a Facebook profile or have set one up, you can continue by downloading the Facebook Messenger application from Google Play, the App Store, Windows Phone Store, and Blackberry World, or visiting Messenger.com.

AVIF support

When you attach a file using the Browse function, you can see that Facebook supports plenty of formats.

browse modal showing all the file formats available

Still, Facebook's AVIF support is confusing at the moment. It is possible to upload AVIF images to the timeline. Still, AVIF images cannot be viewed in the chat messaging. When uploading AVIF images in the chat, it can be disorienting because it shows the AVIF image while it is being uploaded and shortly after the image has been sent. It then changes to a gray box and then to a standard file message after a few seconds. It is uncertain when full AVIF support will be available for Messenger or if this is a short-term bug.

visible image as a small thumbnail when attached to the facebook chatnot visible AVIF image sent in the chat and shown as a regular file, not inline
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