Glide AVIF support

What is Glide?

Glide is an easy-to-use on-demand image manipulation library written in PHP. The API is accessible via HTTP, similar to cloud image processing services like Imgix and Cloudinary. GUIDE utilizes powerful libraries such as Intervention Image (for image handling and manipulation) and Flysystem (for file system abstraction).

With an HTTP-based API, images can be resized, adjusted, and added effects using a variety of response methods and HTTPS signatures. You will automatically receive expires headers for all your manipulated images. Since it is framework-agnostic and uses the Flysystem library, Glide can be used with any project and in any file system.

Glide AVIF support

On the 26th of October, Glide v2.1.0 was released. It offers full support for the AVIF format. You can utilize the format and perform operations like with any other image file.

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