Gmail AVIF support


The Dawn of AVIF

Once upon a time, there was a revolutionary video format called AV1 that broke the barriers of traditional codecs. Developed by the ingenious minds at the Alliance for Open Media, this open-source, royalty-free video format would change the way we see images on the web. AV1 was destined to become more than a video format and transcended the pixels of time, giving birth to a prodigious image format, the AV1 Image File Format (AVIF).

The Magic of AVIF: Features, Advantages, and Applications

AVIF is not just another image format; it's a marvel of modern technology, designed to enchant the world wide web. With the power to compress images without sacrificing quality, AVIF has been crowned the heir to older formats like JPEG, PNG, and WebP. It flaunts HDR support, up to 12 bits of color at full resolution, offering life-like images and dazzling visual experiences. And it does all this with an elegant touch, making images up to 10 times smaller than its predecessors.

Armed with features like animation, transparency, and lossless compression, this new format has gained the admiration of technology giants like Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft. As they rally to incorporate AVIF into their kingdoms, developers and designers worldwide rejoice at the prospect of a more efficient and vibrant digital landscape.

AVIF's Journey Through the Internet Realms

Though AVIF is well on its way to claim its place among the dominant image formats, it has only conquered 60% of the browser realm. Yet, with the support of tech heavyweights and a relentless drive to innovate, there is no doubt that AVIF's influence will continue to grow.

However, one kingdom remains curiously resistant to AVIF's allure - Gmail, the mighty communication stronghold powered by Google.

The Tale of Gmail and AVIF

Gmail is a renowned email service, boasting an impressive battle record of 1.5 billion active users and an arsenal of technical features that meet the highest demands of its loyal subjects. Offering 15 gigabytes of storage space, support for IMAP and POP protocols, and a robust search-oriented interface, Gmail remains a preferred choice for communication across the digital realm.

Despite its remarkable accomplishments, Gmail has yet to embrace the versatility of AVIF. While one can attach AVIF files to emails, the enchanting images cannot be displayed inline, presumably to avoid misunderstandings between different mail clients unable to support AVIF.

But fear not, for Google, the supportive parent of both Gmail and AVIF, will likely bestow its blessings on the promising young image format. As the world awaits the union of these two powerhouses, the future of image formats on the web becomes ever brighter and more efficient.

In the end, AVIF's journey towards universal adoption is not without its challenges. But with the might of technology titans behind it, the unwavering support of developers and designers, and an ever-growing ecosystem of devices and platforms, AVIF is set to revolutionize the way we experience images on the web. So let us raise our glasses to the rise of AVIF, and welcome it into our digital kingdoms with open arms.

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