Google Images AVIF support

What is Google Images

Google Search is a search engine offered by Google. As the world's most popular search engine, it handles over 3.5 billion searches each day. Furthermore, it is the most visited website on the internet. Google uses a priority ranking system to determine the order of search results.

You can search for images online using Google Images, a Google web-based product. The company's search engine performs the same basic querying and results retrieval functions as Google's flagship engine. However, it's best viewed as a specialized extension. Google returns images based on keyword searches. How closely your search terms match the image filenames will determine which images will display on your results page. Nevertheless, this is not sufficient. In addition to this, Google Images also utilizes contextual information derived from the text on the same page as the image. In addition to this, the algorithm uses primitive machine learning, where Google Images can identify specific photos associated with one another to create clusters to perform a reverse image search.

When a search is submitted, the service returns a set of thumbnails corresponding to the keyword description. A reverse image search, which uses an image as the search term, can provide two sets of results. On the one hand, the search can return the source website where the image was located. On the other hand, it may return any names or descriptions associated with the image. It is helpful to know where an image was taken but do not have access to its source. It is also possible to find similar images by conducting a reverse search.

Google Images AVIF support

To this date, Google Images allows uploading JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIF, and WEBP. There are no official plans to support AVIF. Given that Google is one of the developers of AVIF, we may see support in the future.

failed use of AVIF in google search with google displaying supported formats
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