gThumb AVIF support

What is AVIF

AVIF is an image file format developed by Alliance for Open Media intended to reduce image size while maintaining image quality. According to experts, it represents a significant step forward in media compression. An essential objective of AOMedia is the development of open, royalty-free technologies for multimedia delivery, which means that nobody will have to pay anyone for the use of the new AVIF format. There are many large companies behind AOMedia, including Netflix, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. Presently, JPG and PNG are the most commonly used image file formats for the web. The WebP format, developed by Google several years ago, delivered images 30% smaller than JPGs while maintaining the same image quality. AVIF promises 50% smaller images than JPG while retaining the same quality.

What is gThumb

GThumb is a sophisticated image viewer and browser. You can use it for multiple tasks, such as browsing through file systems, creating slideshows, creating web albums, importing images from cameras, burning image CDs, and performing batch file operations. The application is designed to run on GNOME desktop environments.

gThumb supports AVIF

With their latest 3.11.4 release, gThumb has added AVIF support. Open any image with the viewer as you would.

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