gThumb AVIF support

A New Era for Image Formats: Introducing AVIF

The digital world is constantly evolving, and the quest for better image compression is never-ending. Enter AVIF, a breakthrough image format developed by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia). AVIF has the potential to revolutionize media delivery, promising to shrink file sizes by 50% compared to the popular JPG format, all while maintaining the same image quality.

AOMedia has some of the biggest names in tech on board, including Netflix, Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft. Their mission is to develop open, royalty-free technologies so that nobody has to pay for using their innovative solutions. This positions AVIF as a strong contender against traditional formats like JPG, PNG, and even Google's WebP.

The Power of gThumb: A Versatile Image Viewer

For those not familiar with gThumb, it's a robust image viewer and browser designed specifically for GNOME desktop environments. It's versatile enough to handle a myriad of tasks, including image importing, creating slideshows and web albums, burning image CDs, and performing batch file operations. It truly is a one-stop shop for managing your digital image collection.

gThumb Welcomes AVIF: Embrace the Future

Wondering how to take advantage of the superior compression offered by AVIF images? gThumb has you covered. As of their latest 3.11.4 release, gThumb now supports AVIF, ensuring you can easily open and view images in this cutting-edge format.

Using gThumb to view AVIF images is as simple as opening any other image. Open your file with gThumb and experience the crisp image quality and reduced file sizes brought about by the AVIF format, without compromising on visual fidelity.

What This Means for You

The addition of AVIF support to gThumb marks a crucial step forward for media compression. As more platforms and software follow suit, embracing AVIF will allow you to enjoy faster loading times, reduced storage usage, and more efficient sharing of high-quality images.

In a world where every byte counts, gThumb's adoption of AVIF signals the beginning of a new era for image formats, one in which technological advancements make it possible to deliver rich and vibrant visuals without any unnecessary digital baggage.

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