HEY AVIF support

What is AVIF

The AVIF format is an image format based on the AV1 standard. Using the AVIF format, you can compress your images without losing quality (lossless compression). AVIF files have the .avif extension. AOM created the AVIF format to enhance compression efficiency and provide more features than other formats. The AVIF codec is compatible with high dynamic range images and its predecessors (WebP, JPEG-XR, JPEG2000, PNG, and GIF). It can also capture full-color images at 10- and 12-bit resolutions and produce images ten times smaller than other formats. AVIF is transforming the industry. Because of its potential features, it will likely be supported across all platforms soon.

What is HEY

Basecamp's HEY is a new premium email service that was launched in June 2020. You can access the service through the HEY website and mobile apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. HEY mailboxes cannot be integrated into other email services or used as a standalone email client due to the service's vertical integration. At the time of the launch of HEY, a stand-off between Basecamp and Apple Inc. over Apple's policies regarding in-app purchases in apps hosted in its App Store attracted significant media attention.

AVIF support

In the current version of HEY, it is not possible to view or send AVIF images inline. You can still attac them as you would do with any other files.

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