HEY AVIF support

Curious Case of AVIF: The Image Format Revolution

In the world of multimedia, a new image format called AVIF is gaining popularity, akin to a hero arriving to save the day. This superhero of image formats originates from the Alliance for Open Media's AV1 standard. Thanks to the power of lossless compression, AVIF files maintain high-quality visuals while being ten times smaller than tradition formats like JPEG, PNG, or even Google's WebP.

Imagine a crisp and breath-taking image file that preserves every minuscule detail and vibrant color, while still being lightweight enough to effortlessly glide across the web. That's what AVIF does - its high dynamic range and compatibility with 10- to 12-bit resolutions make it the top contender for the crown of the best image format. The transformation is underway, and we can expect support for AVIF across all platforms soon.

Introducing HEY: The Email Service Shaking Things Up

Swinging onto the scene in June 2020, Basecamp's HEY is a premium email service that aims to disrupt the status quo. Accessible through its own website and mobile apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, this new player doesn't budge in the face of traditional email clients and services. With its engaging vertical integration, HEY mailboxes are strictly exclusive to the platform.

During its launch, HEY found itself at the center of a David and Goliath-like stand-off between Basecamp and Apple Inc. over in-app purchase policies in Apple's App Store. This intense clash thrust HEY into the limelight, pushing the email service to prove its mettle in the industry.

When Worlds Collide: AVIF Meets HEY

Despite the power and promise of AVIF, HEY's current version is still a little behind when it comes to supporting these cutting-edge image formats. Inline viewing or sending of AVIF images remains off-limits for now. However, much like friends sharing a secret, you can still attach AVIF files and send them through HEY's platform.

Ultimately, the marriage of AVIF and HEY is a thrilling union to watch, as we can expect both of these technological innovations to continue expanding their reach in their respective domains. The journey of AVIF's integration into HEY highlights the ongoing evolution of multimedia and communication platforms, a testament to the endless potential of the digital age we live in.

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