ImageGlass AVIF support

What is AVIF

AVIF files are images saved in the AV1 Image File Format developed by the Alliance for Open Media. This file consists of compressed image data, similar to JPEG or PNG files. The AV1 Image format was developed to compete with JPEG, PNG, and WEBP images. The Alliance for Open Media was formed by several prominent technology companies in 2015, including Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Netflix. As part of this non-profit workgroup, several open-source media technologies and standards were developed, including the AV1 video codec. The workgroup discovered that the AV1 codec could be applied to images saved in the HEIF format. Consequently, the workgroup created the AV1 Image format, which can store high-quality, compressed images within files that are the same size as lower-quality JPEGs. Compared with similar-sized JPEG files, AVIF files contain less blocking, blurriness, and other visual distortions. The AVIF format supports HDR and monochrome images and color depths of 8, 10, and 12 bits. Additionally, the format supports both lossless and lossy compression.

What is ImageGlass

With ImageGlass, you can view images in a lightweight, versatile manner that takes the place of Photo Viewer under Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista. This is especially useful for users who are experiencing problems displaying PNG and GIF files in Photo Viewer. The program is a simple but powerful application with a simple interface and many essential functions. Thanks to the Magick.NET library, ImageGlass supports a wide range of image formats. As long as Magick.NET is compatible with the desired file type, the user can easily customize the extension list.

ImageGlass supports AVIF

The developer has released a new version of the open-source image viewer ImageGlass. As part of the ImageGlass 8.0 release, there is further support for new formats, a new EXIF tool, and other improvements and enhancements. Several new features are included in ImageGlass 8.0. The program is compatible with the following file formats: AVIF, HEIF, JP2, and CR3. You may open any image using the viewer as usual.

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