ImgHaste AVIF support

Introducing AVIF: A Modern Leap in Image Compression

Imagine the internet as a busy city, where images are the cars that congest its streets. Reducing these files' sizes means less traffic, and consequently, faster websites. Enter AVIF—an image format for the internet of the future.

The AV1 Image Format (AVIF) is an exceptional, royalty-free, and open-source image format that is revolutionizing the world of digital imagery. Built on the foundations of AV1 video format, AVIF squeezes every ounce of image quality without bloating your bandwidth. Thanks to the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), Google, Cisco, and, AVIF delivers stunning visuals while keeping file sizes incredibly low. It's like turning our congested city streets into smooth, efficient highways.

Replacing the decades-old JPEG and maintaining an edge over more recent formats such as WebP, AVIF is winning the hearts of major players like Netflix and gaining traction across the web. But, how can you tap into this cutting-edge technology and bring your website up to speed? The answer is ImgHaste.

Meet ImgHaste: A Dynamic Image Resizer and Delivery Expert

Just like a dependable traffic controller, ImgHaste expertly adapts and offers the best-fit image format for your website, ensuring a seamless and swift browsing experience. With Progressive Web App (PWA) technology at its core, ImgHaste manages images like never before.

Harnessing server-side rendering and sophisticated image management techniques, ImgHaste matches every visitor's screen size with pixel-perfect precision. And with a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) in place, it delivers the goods faster than a speeding bullet.

Instead of rewriting URLs, ImgHaste relies on Client Hints, emboldening your website with the power of Progressive Web Apps. This ingenious 708-gzipped-byte script sniffs out the most optimum image format for your end-users, regardless of whether they're using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Android devices.

Say hello to a world of exceptional features:

  • Automatic AVIF and WebP conversion based on browser compatibility.
  • Effective Connection Type Detection, adjusting image quality on the fly.
  • Next-generation Progressive JPEGs and Interlaced PNGs for seamless fallbacks.
  • Blazing-fast image delivery via a globally distributed CDN.

ImgHaste even offers a generous free tier with 1000 credits, as well as paid plans for those looking for more power to turbocharge their web performance.

Embrace the Future with ImgHaste and AVIF

By harnessing the power of AVIF and the dynamic image management capabilities of ImgHaste, you'll transform your static image-laden websites into swift, visually captivating playgrounds for your audience. With unparalleled precision and efficiency, ImgHaste ushers in a new era of image optimization and ensures that you'll stay ahead of the pack in our constantly evolving digital landscape.

So why wait? Give ImgHaste a spin, embrace AVIF, and provide your users with an unparalleled browsing experience that's as breathtaking as it is lightning-fast.

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