imgix AVIF support

What is AVIF

A group of companies, including Google, Mozilla, Cisco, and others, formed the AOMedia foundation, which has developed the AVIF image format. The video format is the next step in image optimization. It is based on AV1, which was initially created to store keyframes. It was designed to replace outdated image formats, such as JPEG, GIF and WebP, with more modern features, such as HDR and 12-bit color. While maintaining the same level of perceived quality, AVIF outperforms JPG by 40-60% and WebP by 10-30%.

What is imgix

The imgix service converts your existing static images into dynamic and responsive images that can be delivered to devices of any type and under any condition. We help sites and apps load faster and look better while freeing up engineering resources. You can make edits, croppings, and adjustments on the fly without affecting the original image. Using imgix, you can work with large sets of images in various sizes and formats for delivery over the Internet and to mobile devices. It is possible to bypass all batch image editing workflows entirely and manage your catalog using a few lines of code.

imgix AVIF support

To this date, imgix officially support conversion to WebP regarding next-gen formats. It is uncertain whether they will add AVIF support in future.

Update October 2021

A developer of Unsplash's stock photography platform, Oliver Ash, confirmed on September 23rd in 2021, in a tweetthat they use imgix to serve images in an AVIF format if the browser is compatible. Documentation still does not indicate that AVIF is supported.

Upon request in the Twitter thread, Tom Dale, Head of Customer Success at imgix, confirmed that this service is in Beta and rolled out to interested customers.

Hi Eugene, ya, it is beta and we are rolling it out to customers that want to opt-in. We will be bringing it to all as well.doing opt-ins first. I can get you added to the onefootball & imgix shared slack channel we have and talk about opting in there.

Tom Dale

On the 6th of November, Tom has reached out to me that AVIF support can be requested by anyone, but in December, it will be turned on by default for all customers as well.

Announcing AVIF at imgix


An exciting update to the imgix rendering API puts AVIF, the new next-gen image file format, front and center. Learn in this video why AVIF is so exciting from Alfonso, the imgix engineering team leader that worked on bringing this file format to auto=format.

Update November 2021

AVIF, the new next-generation image file format, focuses on the latest update to the imgix rendering API. Imgix will automatically serve images in AVIF for all browsers that support the 'auto=format' parameter. If a browser doesn't support it yet, the imgix rendering API will fall back to its next-best alternative. Read more in the new official article.

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