Imgur AVIF support

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What is Imgur

Due to its simplicity and flexibility, the widespread image sharing and hosting website Imgur is favored by social media users. This site provides images for free in various formats, including animated GIFs, and is supported by advertising. A professional account may be purchased for a fee. They are kept online for free and will only be deleted if they are not accessed once every six months. Imgur users may post comments, use tools to create new images, and then share these images with other Imgur users and the general public.

AVIF support

Unfortunately, AVIF is not supported by Imgur. If you are trying to upload an AVIF image, you receive an error message.

imgur error message when uploading AVIF

More information is available on their FAQ page. It seems like WebP or JPEG XL are not supported either.

FAQ page showcasing all the supported formats by imgur
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