Internet Explorer AVIF support

What is Internet Explorer

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is a line of discontinued graphical web browsers included with Windows operating systems beginning in 1995. In 2003, Internet Explorer peaked at 95% usage share, becoming the world's most widely used web browser. As a result of the introduction of Firefox (2004) and Google Chrome (2008), its market share has declined. Additionally, the popularity of mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS has significantly reduced the usage share of Internet Explorer since these platforms do not support the browser. For years, most people have avoided using this aging browser. Microsoft plans to retire Internet Explorer on June 15th, 2022, in favor of Microsoft Edge.

AVIF support

Microsoft released Version 11 of Internet Explorer in October 2013. It is the default browser in Windows 8. Since its release, it hasn't been updated much and lacks features. Due to the upcoming deprecation, it is implausible that Microsoft will add AVIF support.

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