Kirby AVIF support

What is Kirby?

Kirby is a proprietary content management system based on flat files. The database-free CMS can be used to build small conference websites, static home pages, blogs, web business cards, and one-page websites as landing pages.

The term file-based CMS refers to a CMS without a database. All content is stored in a folder system with text files. Kirkby can be accessed via a web browser or from the Finder. Located in folders, the content can be edited in the Finder. Thus, Kirby CMS-based websites can be easily transferred and saved. A local website can be published by copying the folder to the server. Databases do not have to be set up or anything. To create a backup, you save the relevant folder.

AVIF Support

Release 3.6 of Kirby focuses largely on performance enhancements. By reducing the bundle size and reducing requests, the CMS becomes more responsive.

As browser support for WebP and AVIF improves, optimizing images becomes much more straightforward. Their image processor will handle both formats. You can convert an existing JPEG, GIF, or PNG file into a WebP or AVIF file using the thumb method.

More information is available here.

Placeholder Support

Progressive image loading is implemented in this plugin, which improves user experience. Small thumbnails that inherit the aspect ratio of their source image are blurred for a better placeholder than solid colors without sacrificing payload.

The src attribute of an image element contains an inline, URI-encoded SVG. The blurred image is wrapped in an SVG to avoid rasterizing the filter. Large photos are only requested when they are within the viewport.

You can find more instructions in the Github repository.

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