Krita AVIF support

Introducing Krita: A Powerful Solution for Digital Artists

Imagine an all-inclusive graphics suite specially designed for 2D animation and digital painting that combines the functionalities and performance of industry giants like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and Corel Painter. This is Krita. Developed in C++ with Qt, this cross-platform tool is now available on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS, catering to a diverse range of creative professionals.

Krita offers its users over 100 professional brushes, state-of-the-art stabilizers, versatile brush engines, and an incredibly intuitive resource manager. With drawing assistants, advanced layer management, full color management, OpenGL enhancement, HDR painting, and Python scripting, Krita stands at the forefront of the digital art world.

Embracing the Future with AVIF Support

With the release of Krita 5.0 in December 2021, Krita took a leap into the future by incorporating support for the AVIF image format. AVIF, which stands for AV1 Image File Format, offers a range of benefits such as higher image quality, better compression, and consequently, faster loading times. This makes it the ideal format for use in mobile phone cameras and, potentially, the new image format for websites.

By offering support for loading and saving RGB, monochrome images in 8-bit, 10-bit, and 12-bit formats, Krita enables artists to leverage the full potential of the AVIF format. In addition, Krita supports the Rec.2100 HDR AVIF images, an enhancement that ensures outstanding visual quality.

The Importance of Rec2100 PQ and Rec2100 HLG Support

Krita goes above and beyond when it comes to supporting color space encoding, and in doing so, offers compatibility with the Rec2100 PQ and Rec2100 HLG formats. These standards represent the future of HDR content production, offering creative professionals an expanded color palette and a more accurate representation of display brightness and contrast.

By supporting these formats, Krita effectively caters to the demand for high-quality graphics in industries such as film, TV, and video game development. The result? A digital art tool that keeps up with – and even surpasses – industry innovations.

Fast Encoding and Decoding: The Rav1e and Dav1d Advantage

To ensure the best possible experience for users, Krita includes the rav1e and dav1d libraries for fast encoding and decoding of AVIF images. The inclusion of these libraries not only saves time when working with high-quality images but also meets industry standards by providing optimal performance.

Krita: Empowering Creatives to Reach New Heights

Krita's adoption of the AVIF format, support for Rec2100 HDR standards, and integration with fast encoding and decoding libraries make it an indispensable tool in the arsenal of digital artists. With its expansive features and incredible performance, Krita continues to push boundaries and provide artists with the means to create stunning visuals that captivate viewers across industries and platforms.

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