Krita AVIF support

What is Krita

Krita is a raster graphics editor intended primarily for 2D animation and digital painting. Writing in C++ with Qt, it runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS.

With over 100 professional brushes, stabilizers, brush engines, and an intuitive resource manager, you have all the tools you require to create outstanding graphics.

Among the many strengths of Krita are its many features, such as drawing assistants, layer management, full color management, OpenGL enhancement, HDR painting, and Python scripting.

AVIF support

The release of Krita 5.0 on 23 December 2021 implemented AVIF support. It also includes support for Rec.2100 HDR AVIF images.

Currently, HEIF and AVIF are the two new image formats used by mobile phone cameras, with AVIF being slated as a new image format for websites in the future. Krita supports loading and saving RGB and monochrome images in 8 bit, 10 bit, and 12 bit formats. In addition to supporting full color space encoding, Rec2100 PQ and Rec2100 HLG are also supported. For fast encoding and decoding of AVIF, the official binaries will also ship rav1e and dav1d.

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