LinkedIn AVIF support

What is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks available on the internet. LinkedIn can assist you in finding a job or internship, connecting with others, and strengthening professional relationships. LinkedIn can also help you learn the skills needed to succeed in your career. LinkedIn can be accessed via a desktop computer, LinkedIn mobile application, mobile web experience, or LinkedIn Lite Android app.

An extensive LinkedIn profile can help you connect with opportunities by demonstrating your unique experience, skills, and education. LinkedIn can also be used to organize offline events, join groups, write articles, upload photos, and post videos.

It is a handy tool for anyone seeking advancement in their career. A variety of individuals can be included in this group, including small business owners, students, and job seekers. Members of LinkedIn can use the site to establish connections with professionals, companies, and industry groups.

Any individual who wishes to create and maintain a professional profile on LinkedIn may sign up for a free basic membership. You will gain access to more LinkedIn products and features if you upgrade to a Premium subscription.

AVIF support

LinkedIn supports AVIF! The state of AVIF support on LinkedIn is complicated. When you are uploading an AVIF image, you are shown an image error symbol. The browser console displays a long error message.

linkedin visually showing error image symbol after uploading an AVIF file

If you are then trying to publish your posts, you receive an error that the chosen image format is not supported.

linkedin warning when trying to publish an image

However, if you are editing your image before publishing it, LinkedIn nicely displays your photo.

linkedin visually showing AVIF image while editing

Even without changing anything with the edit tool, you can switch back to creating your post and publishing it. While this behavior is most likely unintentional, it allows you to upload AVIF images on LinkedIn. Hopefully, full support will be available in the future.

successful post with an avif image
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