nomacs AVIF support

What is AVIF

A key aspect of digitization is file compression, which can sustainably relieve a network's resources. AVIF is a new image format intended to streamline data traffic and replace the widely used JPEG format. AVIF provides better image quality and better compression than JPEG. Implementing the new image format is attracting the attention of some major global corporations in the digital industry. To meet the demands of a contemporary image format, AVIF includes high-quality compression along with functional variety. There are two types of compression: lossless and lossy. Alpha channels, like other image and graphic formats, store additional information regarding transparent image areas. Transparency data can be used to release objects used as interfaces, collages, or company logos, for example. Additionally, AVIF supports extended color spaces (Wide Color Gamut, WCG) and functions like graininess, color undersampling, and HDR (High Dynamic Range).

What is nomacs

Nomacs is an open-source image viewer that supports a variety of platforms. It is capable of displaying all standard image formats, including RAW and PSD images. A significant feature of Nomacs is the semi-transparent widgets that display additional information, such as thumbnails, metadata, and histograms. The program can browse photos in zip files or MS Office files extracted to a directory. You can display metadata associated with the image, as well as add notes to the picture. In addition, a thumbnail preview of the current folder is provided, as well as a panel that can be used to switch between folders. It is possible to apply a file filter to a directory so that images whose filenames contain a specific string or match a regular expression will be displayed. By activating the cache, you can switch between images instantly. The Nomacs program includes methods for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, gamma, and exposure of images. The program consists of a pseudo-color function that enables false color images to be generated. Nomacs is unique in its capability to synchronize multiple instances. Using this feature, you can easily compare photos by zooming or panning at precisely the same position or overlaying them with different opacities.

nomacs supports AVIF

Nomacs has added AVIF support to their latest 3.16 release. Open any image with the viewer as you normally would.

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