OpenCart AVIF support

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a flexible open-source e-commerce platform that does not charge monthly fees. An administrator dashboard provides a glance at key metrics such as sales, customers, and more. Multi-store support is also available with OpenCart, enabling you to manage multiple stores from a single interface.

You will create different online stores, set different themes for each online store, and localize your websites with this functionality. In addition to product options and attributes, OpenCart also enables you to add extra product variables. Furthermore, OpenCart is customizable and extensible,like most e-commerce platforms. It offers over 13,00 modules and themes that you can use to personalize your site truly.

OpenCart AVIF support

OpenCart does not natively support AVIF. An extension called 'Squeezeimg' exists. The extension does require an API key and lets you convert 1000 images monthly for free. Priced plans start at $5 per month. The developer of this extension is pintawebware and to this date, no public review has been made.

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