Pale Moon AVIF support

What is AVIF

This image file format specifies how to store images or image sequences compressed with AV1 within a HEIF container. Competition comes from HEIC, which uses the same container format as ISOBMFF, but compresses with H.264. The AVIF specification 1.0.0 was released in February 2019. In tests by Netflix performed in 2020, AVIF was more efficient at compression than JPEG and less likely to produce blocking artifacts and minor color bleeding around hard edges when combining raw images, text, and graphics. Its continued expansion is fueled by support from major players in the digital economy. Open source formats such as AV1 and AVIF are available. The AOMedia technology does not cost anything extra, and open-source benefits the big players and everyone. Apple prefers the accessible AVIF format over Apple's preferred HEIF format currently. In addition to having high image quality, AVIF combines a wide range of functions.

In comparison to the established JPEG format, the image size of AVIF can be reduced by 50 percent. Also, AVIF is more efficient than WebP, its competitor. By using an efficient compression technique such as AVIF, websites load faster, network bandwidth is conserved, and video-on-demand, cloud, and webspace providers can reduce their data streams. There are numerous advantages to AVIF that go beyond its use online. For example, it is used by photographers, printers, and archives. Using the format's development will also result in higher-resolution images, reducing the resources needed.

What is Pale Moon

The Pale Moon web browser emphasizes customization; it has the motto "Your browser, Your way". Pale Moon originally forked Firefox but has since diverged into its browser. It is available for Windows and Linux. Users can add add-ons to the application, and it runs as a single process. The Pale Moon user interface is highly customizable, as it was when Firefox 4–28 was released. It continues to support some plugins and add-ons that are no longer supported by Firefox, such as NPAPI plugins like Flash Player. Pale Moon 29.2.0 discontinued support for extensions intended for Firefox, but this restriction will be lifted eventually. The Pale Moon for Android app is no longer being developed. Straver announced that the game would be abandoned after its release in 2014 due to a lack of community support. As of 10 March 2021, only unofficial builds of macOS were available due to a lack of consistency from community developers.

AVIF support

Pale Moon does not support AVIF to this date. Since it is a fork from Firefox which supports AVIF, future support is likely.

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