Peakhour AVIF support

What is Peakhour

Peakhour is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) provider based in Australia. It provides high-quality security, performance, and availability services at any scale and offers simple, usage-based billing. They do not sell individual features but rather a complete optimization package that contains all parts.

Peakhour Support

The Image Optimization Module automatically optimizes, resizes, and transforms the images on your website into the best format to achieve a faster loading time. In addition, the company offers a robust API for creating endless variants based on high-quality master images.

With structural similarity analysis (SSIM), images are intelligently examined to determine whether they can be optimized without perceptible loss of quality. In October 2020, Peakhour announced that their automatic image optimization and image manipulation APIs support AVIF. As AVIFs can take a long time to encode, Peakhour may take the encoding process out of line, even for image API requests. A JPEG or WebP will be returned if the AVIF generation takes too long, depending on the browser's Accepts Header, until the AVIF is ready to be served from their cache.

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