PhotoPrism AVIF support

What is PhotoPrism

PhotoPrism is a privately hosted application that allows you to browse, organize, and share your photo collection. Using the latest technology, it can tag and locate pictures automatically without interfering with your workflow. You can browse and organize your photo collection with ease on any device, whether a phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Additionally, PhotoPrism offers automatic image classification based on Google TensorFlow. Their indexer detects colors, quality, location type, and many other properties. There are four high-resolution world maps included in the app for viewing where you have been and discovering long-forgotten pictures. Users of WebDAV clients, such as Microsoft's Windows Explorer and Apple's Finder, can directly connect to PhotoPrism to open, edit, and delete files from their computer or phone with the same ease as if they were located locally. PhotoSync allows you to sync your pictures as well.

AVIF support

On November 30th, 2020, a Github issue was published that requested WebP support. In the discussion regarding the implementation of WebP, it was discovered that the developers thought it was worth waiting for AVIF, as support is growing and AVIF offers better compression, as well as animations. They are also excited about JPEG XL. It is unclear if they will add support in the future, as the ticket is still open, and no branch has been created to add AVIF support. AVIF will likely be supported in the future.

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