PiGallery 2 AVIF support

What is PiGallery?

PiGallery is a fast catalog-based photo gallery website with a rich user interface optimized for low-resource servers. As well as supporting images in JPG, JPE, WebP, PNG, GIF, and SVG, it supports videos in MP4, OGG, OGV, and WebM.

Photos are displayed in a lazily-loaded grid format showing keywords and locations.

For a quicker loading experience, PiGallery automatically generates thumbnails and downscales photos on the fly. Additionally, it caches client-side and supports instant searching.

Additionally, PiGallery offers a custom lightbox for viewing full-screen photos and videos. You may also display pictures with GPS coordinates on an open street map, and you may enable face recognition.

Does PiGallery support AVIF?

PiGallery does not support AVIF at this time. The author submitted a feature request on Github but refused to add support until Safari and Microsoft Edge supported it.

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