QQ AVIF support

What is AVIF

The AV1 Image File Format is a container format for storing images or image sequences compressed with AV1 in the HEIF format. There is a competing format called HEIC, which uses ISOBMFF and compresses in HEVC. In February 2019, AVIF version 1.0.0 was published for implementation. AVIF has been proven to compress images more efficiently, preserve more detail, create fewer blocking artifacts and reduce color bleeding around edges in composites of natural images, text, and graphics, in tests conducted by Netflix in 2020.

The AVIF format is backed by major players in the digital economy, driving its growth and success. This is an open-source format, and AV1 is also available. There is no additional charge to use AOMedia technology. Rather than benefit the big players, this helps the entire open source ecosystem. AVIF is free is a significant advantage over the HEIF format, which Apple still prefers. In addition to high image quality, AVIF offers many functions. It thus meets the requirements of a modern image format. By comparison, AVIF reduces image size by an average of 50% compared to JPEG.

As a bonus, AVIF is more efficient than its competitor, WebP, which has yet to establish itself. In addition to reducing the load time of websites, AVIF compression conserves network bandwidth. Further, it reduces data streams for video-on-demand, cloud, and webspace providers. But its benefits go beyond the online arena. Photographers, printers, and archivists can benefit from AVIF. The format has also developed, making it possible to receive images with higher resolutions than requiring fewer resources.

What is QQ

Tencent is a Chinese technology company that developed the QQ Browser. The browser uses two different engines: Trident and WebKit. As part of its effort to integrate the QQ browser of the WebKit engine 5, Tencent had developed Tencent Explorer (Tencent TE) and Tencent TT based on the Trident typesetting engine and the Tencent TT browser.

AVIF support

QQ does not support AVIF. It is unknown whether QQ will support AVIF in the future.

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