Quora AVIF support

What is Quora

Quora is a billion-dollar social media startup that has received venture capital funding of $226 million. Creating, editing, and organizing the rapidly growing crowdsourcing Q&A platform is dependent on a strong community of contributors that provide questions, answers, and up-and down-votes.

Quora is a constantly growing database of questions and answers generated by users. Users create, edit, and organize the questions and answers. In addition to using Quora to acquire information, research, and build their social networks, some people use it as a resource for research, knowledge, and general interest.

AVIF support

Whether you are trying to attach an AVIF image as an answer, change your profile picture of message someone an AVIF, Quora refuses the image format. It is uncertain whether they will add support on the future. No public information can be found regarding support.

quora error message on answers quora error message on messages
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