qView AVIF support

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What is AVIF

The AVIF (AV1 image format) is an innovative, royalty-free and open-source image format. AVIF images provide significant file size reduction as compared to JPEG, PNG and WebP images, and are currently supported on Google Chrome, Firefox and Android. AVIF is the still picture format that is derived from the keyframes of the video format AV1 developed by Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia) jointly with Google, Cisco, and Xiph.org. Netflix has already commented on this new technology and claimed that the AVIF image format is far superior to JPEG, PNG and even the newer WebP image formats in terms of both image quality and compressed file size. A new, more advanced alternative to the JPEG has certainly been needed for many years, making the AVIF a very exciting development which has the potential to be widely adopted.

What is qView

Based on Qt5, qView is a completely free and open source application. It is available on Github under the GPLv3 license. qView has been designed from the beginning to be as visually minimalist and space-saving as possible. Your image and a title bar are the only elements of the interface. qView opens virtually instantly and you can switch between images with almost no delay, while using only a small amount of memory and CPU. Minimalism is not compromised by features such as animated GIF controls, file history, rotation/mirroring, and multithreaded preloading.

AVIF support

The new version 4.0 includes support for .heif, .avif, and .apng images. Simply open the AVIF image with the image viewer to view it.

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