Samsung Internet AVIF support

What is Samsung Internet?

Samsung Internet is a mobile web browser developed by Samsung Electronics for use with Samsung’s smartphones and tablets. The browser comes pre-installed on all Samsung devices and is many users’ first and default mobile browser for their new Samsung smartphone or tablet. Modified browser versions also exist for devices like watches or smart TVs running Samsung’s propriety OS Tizen. Based on Google’s open-source browser framework Chromium, the Samsung Internet Browser has many similarities to Samsung Internet for Mobile. The latest version of Samsung Internet (version 15) is based on Chromium 90 - and therefore shares the same essential feature set as the latest stable builds of Chromium. Samsung Internet users love the browser for its in-built ad blocking, SPen features, OLED-optimised dark mode, and intelligent anti-tracking features.

AVIF support

Yes! Samsung Internet does support AVIF fully. The browser can display both still images and animated sequences. As the browser is based on Chromium, AVIF support was expected for the first release after Chromium implemented full AVIF support in Chromium 85. That came with the release of Samsung Internet 14 in April 2021. With Samsung’s domination of the Android smartphone market, AVIF support is a massive step for mobile web users. Samsung web surfers can enjoy faster load times and lower data usage, all thanks to AVIF’s considerable gains in efficiency.

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