ShimmerCat AVIF support

What is AVIF

As a contemporary image format, AVIF offers high compression rates with a wide range of features. Big players in the digital economy support the AVIF format, which is driving its continued expansion. By combining high image quality with many capabilities, the AVIF format meets the requirements of a modern image format. As compared to the established JPEG format, AVIF currently reduces the image size by approximately 50%. AVIF compression minimizes the loading time of websites due to its high efficiency. AVIF possesses all the prerequisites that will allow it to establish itself successfully online and redefine a new image standard designed to replace JPEG. As soon as technical obstacles (e.g., slow and resource-consuming coding processes) are overcome, the AV1 video codec and the multifunctional image format will offer high quality.

What is ShimmerCat

ShimmerCat is promoted as a simple add-on that will convert, optimize, and serve images in next-generation formats, reducing up to 70% in file size. With a few clicks, you can add a powerful, fast, and cost-efficient image CDN to your current setup. You will need to add two Javascript scripts to your web application and a script tag to your HTML. Provide their service worker with the request URL to optimize and cache your images at their edge servers. The service includes storage in the clouds you are already using to ensure low latency and proximity to your target audience. With plans ranging between 100 and 10,000 dollars per month, Shimmercat is a bit more expensive than other CDNs.

ShimmerCat supports AVIF

ShimmerCat supports AVIF. They support it because AVIF, JPEG2000, and WebP formats all offer significantly superior compression and quality characteristics compared to old and traditional PNG and JPEG formats. If you encode images in next-generation formats, you will increase loading times, consume less cellular data, and improve the quality and user experience.

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