Shopify AVIF support

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a subscription-based software platform that enables users to create an online store and sell products. With Shopify POS, store owners may also sell their products at physical locations. You can manage your store (s) from one account, on any device, if you are a Shopify merchant with both an online and physical presence. Essentially, Shopify enables you to integrate your commerce into a single point of control. Suppose you are a Shopify merchant with both an online and a physical presence. In that case, your inventory and stock are automatically synced across your online and physical stores so that you can manage both from one account.

You do not need to worry about updating software or maintaining web servers because Shopify is entirely cloud-based and hosted. This allows you to conduct business from any location with an internet connection. Shopify offers a 14-day free trial period without any obligation to purchase. After the trial ends, select a pricing plan that suits your business's size and stage.


An online store needs to perform well to increase conversions and help merchants make money. Always, the photographs on a website are the most valuable and the largest assets concerning the different types of content. You will likely improve your site's overall performance if you improve the performance of the photos you deliver to your online users. AVIF offers the smallest file sizes while maintaining high quality.

WebP Support

Shopify began serving WebP images automatically in 2019. Open the Chrome developer console and select the Network tab to determine whether your store is rendering WebP. The type should be listed as webp when you reload the page. One of the best things about this improvement is that no changes are required on your part as a developer.

AVIF Support

As of this date, no public announcements have been made regarding AVIF support. A thread in a community forum requested assistance, but it received no response. Until official support becomes available, you can implement an Image CDN such as ImageEngineor Cloudinary. In our blog overview, you can find a complete list of Image CDNs that support AVIF.

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