Slack AVIF support

What is Slack

Business messaging app Slack connects people with the information they need. Slack helps organizations improve communication by bringing everyone together to work as one unified team. It is a workplace collaboration tool. As a result, Slack is an instant messaging platform that offers many add-ons for other workplace tools. However, the add-ins are not necessary to use Slack, as the main feature is to communicate with other people. Slack provides two methods for chatting: channels (group chat) and direct messages (person-to-person chat).

Slack can be considered a chat room for members of an organization to communicate with one another. An organizational structure is known as a "workspace" divided into "channels," which are separate group chats, each with its members and topics. Due to its intuitive interface and ability to handle individual and group messaging, Slack became so popular. By using an invitation system, companies are also able to control who has access to the service.

AVIF support

Slack has no AVIF support. Weirdly enough, it visually displays the image in the uploading process, then grays it out and let's you download it like a regular sent file. Slack does not allow viewing AVIF inline and there are no public plans to whether they will add support in future.

slack chat visuall showing the AVIF image while uploadingslack not anymore showing the imageslack showing the avif image as a file and not inline
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