Torch AVIF support


What is AVIF

Images or image sequences compressed with the AV1 Image File Format are stored in HEIF containers and can be used as image files. HEIC and HEVC use the same container format but HEVC for compression. Version 1.0.0 of the AVIF specification was released in February 2019. According to Netflix, AVIF displayed better compression efficiency than JPEG in 2020, better detail preservation, fewer block artifacts, and less color bleeding around hard edges in composites of natural images, text, and graphics.

AVIF is supported by big players in the digital economy, which drive its development. AV1 and AVIF are both open-source formats, and the AOMedia technology doesn't involve any additional costs. All open source communities benefit from this, not just the big players. There is a massive advantage to using AVIF over the HEIF format, currently Apple's preferred format. As a modern image format, AVIF accommodates high quality and many functions. Today, AVIF reduces the image size by 50% compared to the established JPEG format.

Furthermore, AVIF is more efficient than WebP, which has yet to establish itself. AVIF compression reduces the load times of websites while conserving network bandwidth and reducing data services such as video-on-demand, cloud, and webspace. AVIF has many benefits extending beyond online usage. Photojournalists, printers, etc. With the format's development, users will also benefit from receiving higher-resolution images that reduce their available resources.

What is Torch

The North Carolina-based Torch Media developed Torch, a browser and Internet suite built on top of Chromium. A browser handles everyday Internet-related tasks such as displaying websites, sharing websites on social networks, downloading torrents, speeding up downloads, and grabbing online media, all directly from the browser. Torch Browser is a commercial freeware product, and Torch is built on the Chromium source code and works with all Chrome extensions. Since June 18, 2013, Torch has exceeded ten million active users. While Torrent site The Pirate Bay has run paid endorsements, downloads for Torch were no longer available from August 2021 onward. Users were instead offered the Avast Secure Browser when clicking on the Torch download button.

AVIF support

Torch does not support AVIF.

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