TwicPics AVIF support


What is AVIF

The AV1 (.avif) file format is an upcoming technology that we are enthusiastic about. It is a super-compressed image type. For its image quality to compressed file size ratio, Netflix already considers .avif superior to JPEG, PNG, and even the newer WebP image formats. The format was developed by the Alliance for Open Media in collaboration with Google, Cisco, and (which worked with Mozilla to create the Firefox browser). To combat the issues of licensing and open-source compliance, this format was designed to be a royalty-free and open-source image format. With AVIF, you can significantly reduce the file size of images when compared to JPEG or WebP; ~50% savings compared to JPEG, and ~20% savings compared to WebP.

What is TwicPics

Images are taking up much space on websites these days. They bog down the network and make visitors wait a lot longer for pages to load. Tenths of a second can dramatically impact your conversion rate. Having to support all kinds of devices, screen sizes, and pixel densities is tough. It can complicate server-side architecture by order of magnitude, cause deployment strategies to get convoluted or kill client-side performance. TwicPics comes in handy here. With TwicPics, you'll get an Image Service as a Service (SaaS). Powered by a URL-based API, it combines on-demand responsive image generation with an innovative, unobtrusive JavaScript library. Developers work with high-resolution images, and end-users get optimized, perfectly sized images delivered close to them. TwicPics has a lightweight JavaScript helper. The script analyzes your browsing context and decides when to load your media and what transformations to apply. There's a free plan for 3GB of CDN bandwidth, with50 cents per GB after that. With unlimited masters and tailored images, you can do whatever you want. Premium plans allow for multiple websites, subdomains, and better organization.

TwicPics supports AVIF

TwicPics will determine the best output format for the browser issuing the request by default, but you can override this behavior using the output command line.

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