Twitter AVIF support

What is Twitter

With 100 million daily active users and hundreds of millions of tweets being sent daily, Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media platforms available today. You can use Twitter to receive news, follow high-profile celebrities, or keep in touch with friends from your high school days. Tweets provide an easy means for friends, family, and coworkers to communicate and stay connected by exchanging frequent, short messages. In addition to text, Tweets may contain images, videos, links, and other content. Twitter posts these messages to your profile, sends them to your followers and allows them to be searched.

Twitter has both boundless significance and enormous potential. You may wish to fill your feed with industry experts, news sites, celebrities, comedians, or friends. Breaking news has been spread quickly via Twitter in the past. Sometimes, it can spread groundbreaking information even faster than traditional media outlets.

AVIF support

Twitter shows jfif, pjpeg, jpeg, pjp, jpg, png, webp and gif as supported image formats. Support for latest formats like AVIF and JPEG XL is not available. No public information exists whether they will add support in future.

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