Uppy AVIF support

What is Uppy?

Uppy is a sleek, configurable JavaScript file uploader that integrates seamlessly with any application. It is fast, has a user-friendly API, and allows you to focus on more important issues rather than developing a file upload component. Using the app, users can access files stored locally, remotely, via Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Instagram, or even take selfies with a camera. Files can be downloaded from external sources battery-friendly if desired, letting servers handle the heavy lifting. The metadata can then be edited and viewed and finally uploaded to the final destination, with optional processing/encoding.

With Uppy, you get a lightweight, modular, plugin-based architecture that is easy to maintain. By allowing resumable file uploads and file recovery, it is able to handle network and browser crashes or misclicks.

With an open-source implementation and built with accessibility in mind, Uppy is a truly modern tool.

Uppy JXL support

Since the 29th of July 2020, Uppy supports handling of AVIF files. Even though the file upload has worked, it supports fully displaying image thumbnails as well.

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