View AVIF Images In Microsoft Edge

07.10.20 · 5 min read

Current status and future plans

While Google can implement new features quickly, other companies like Microsoft and Mozilla are much slower. At least when it comes to technology that we rely on, they constantly do all the sidequests instead of focusing on the plot. AVIF was created as part of the development of AV1, which was developed by the Alliance for Open Media. As all major browser creators are part of this alliance and everyone is interested in pushing out a new and modern format, expect Microsoft Edge to support AVIF files soon. By the time of writing, Edge does not yet support AVIF images; it refuses to render or otherwise open AVIF images.the new microsoft edgeIf you plan to enable experimental AV1 support, you can do so by downloading a plugin. At least YouTube videos will then stream in the new format.

Your version of Edge

If you are looking for a way to test the functionality and capabilities of AV1 on Microsoft Edge, you should . The new Microsoft Edge is based on Chromium and was first released first at the beginning of 2020. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and macOS (for whatever reason). Microsoft claims it's the only browser you will ever need, but well, who wouldn't say that about their own browser. You may quickly determine if you own a Chromium version of Edge by looking at the browser icon. The new version of Edge has a more minimalistic and gradient style, where the old one looks like a Van edge version difference

AV1 Plugin

The AV1 Extension add-on is available from the . It provides support for AV1 videos on Windows 10 devices and Edge. It also allows for viewing AVIF images, including thumbnails, and editing them in Paint.av1 extensionFurthermore, this extension allows video apps installed on Windows 10 to play videos encoded using the AV1 video coding standard developed by the Alliance for Open Media. As already stated, there isn't support for AVIF images yet, even though converts images seamlessly on Edge. However, since Microsoft Edge uses the same Chromium Engine, the support for Edge should roll out soon.

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