Vivaldi AVIF support

What is Vivaldi

Vivaldi is a free web browser focused on customization, security and privacy. Vivaldi Technologies released the browser in 2015. It was developed for tech-savvy users who had become increasingly disillusioned with Opera and its transition to Chromium. Vivaldi Technologies was founded by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner, the co-founder and former CEO of Opera Software. A large part of the browser’s appeal is its focus on security and privacy. Vivaldi’s users love their commitment to not track your browsing data. The browser also includes an in-built ad blocker, email client, and support for custom macros. The browser uses the Chromium codebase, Google’s open-source platform that Google Chrome is made from. This gives Vivaldi the performance and features of Chrome and allows its developers to build more extraordinary customization features into the browser. Vivaldi is also available on Android mobile devices. The Android app offers ad-block and a flexible AI to mobile users for free.

AVIF support

Vivaldi is built upon the Chromium codebase, which has since 2020 supported encoding and decoding AVIF images. Google added full support for AVIF in Chrome 85, first testing support in the open-source Chromium framework. This support has trickled to Vivaldi. As of September 2021, Vivaldi includes support for AVIF images and sequences. Mobile users can also enjoy the benefits of the AVIF formatas the Vivaldi Android app for Vivaldi also provides full AVIF support.

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